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3 reasons to choose us

doValue Greece, a member of doValue S.p.A. Group is a leader in the Greek market as a loan and real estate management company. In particular, through the company doValue Greece Real Estate Services, a member of the group also, provide a full range of services regarding the management of real estate, with high level of know-how and benefits for you:

1. Expanded real estate portfolio

Our main goal is to create value for our customers. To achieve this, we manage each property separately.

Our portfolio comprises a wide range of investment opportunities, including commercial and residential real estate, office spaces, shops, tourist complexes, industrial and craft properties as well as plots for development throughout Greece.

2. End-to-end Real estate management

We undertake the management of the property as from its initial migration to our portfolio up until its utilization and sale. We are by your side in all stages.

We have the most complete network of real estate management services (asset management) that includes specialized teams for technical and legal inspections and legalizations, rental management, property and facility management, portfolio management and a wide sales network.

3. Innovative strategies and specialization

We focus on designing and implementing innovative strategies that deliver high added value. We have specialization and extensive experience, thus achieving our customers’ desired results.

Our team consists of an experienced and dynamic network of real estate consultants, having a presence allover Greece. It advises and guides you to choose the right property that will fully meet your investment goals.


Collateral is an asset that serves as guarantee against the granting of a credit,
a bond issue or any other financial transaction

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This section of Altamira is dedicated to the commercialization of loans to promote the acquisition of real estate assets from the debt portfolio.


We want to offer our investors a great opportunity to access very attractive real estate portfolios.

We put at your disposal our catalog of collateral assets.

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